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West Branch Human Resources Society has selected Dwell Orphan Care as the charitable organization we will support for the remainder of 2022 through 2023. Dwell exists to support and encourage foster and adoptive parents in Central Pennsylvania while mobilizing and equipping the community and local church so that children have a safe, loving, forever home in which to dwell. Jennifer Lake, Dwell’s founder and director, will speak to the group beginning at 8:10 AM, prior to Wednesday’s Program.

To begin showing our support, we are asking program attendees to bring $5 gift cards to Dunkin and Starbucks or books of postage stamps to donate to Dwell. For those of you attending virtually who would like to show your support, address information can be found  below.

Jennifer shared the reason for this donation request:

“Every month we mail out about 150 handwritten notes of encouragement to foster parents in Central, PA. As Dwell is growing, this list of foster parents is growing quickly. We tuck coffee gift cards inside the notes to encourage a small moment of self-care for foster parents. Without fail, we hear back from at least one foster parent every month who thanks us for the small act of kindness and lets us know how much it meant to them and added to their capacity to keep going. It has become an important part of what we do....a small act of kindness that has a big impact.”

We hope you are able to arrive a bit early to learn more about this amazing organization. You can visit their website at for additional information.

Mail can be sent to:

Dwell Orphan Care

1157 Market Street

Williamsport, PA 17701

Packages can be sent to:

Dwell Orphan Care

117 Lincoln Ave.

Williamsport, PA 17701

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